Did you know that different flowers are used for specific occasions or meanings?  Historically people used flowers to strike a certain mood or message. Flower etiquette was practiced widely during the Victorian Era.  This workshop will teach you some of the meanings behind the common and seasonally available flowers, and then you will make a bouquet with them! 


This 90-minute workshop will begin with a tour of the gardens on the farm and a talk about how the flowers are grown and cared for. During this walk, floral designer Jessica Harms (Lady Bird Wildflowers) will explain some principles of how she chooses her flowers for arranging; as an avid forager, she will teach you how to find beautiful material on your own property! We will then move to our outdoor flower studio where Jessica will guide you through making a seasonal arrangement while explaining the background behind the “language of flowers.” 


The workshop materials include vase, detailed flower list and care sheet.  

Youth aged 8 & up welcome when accompanied by an adult.

The Language of Flowers Bouquet Workshop, Sunday, June 12th, 11-12:30, $100